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About us


Animal Latitude is an association founded in 2010 dedicated to informing and educating society about wildlife and the environment through educational projects and management, in collaboration with organizations and professionals in the field, to generate ecological awareness and specialized knowledge.


We want to be a reference and recognized association in the area of wildlife and environment for society and professionals in the field, for their competence and quality of educational projects and social mobilization, which is guided by the principles of ethics, solidarity and ecology, creating synergies among colleagues.


Organizamos cursos sobre diferentes temáticas referentes a zoología, biología, etología, conservación e investigación. Nuestras áreas principales de formación son la biodiversidad marina, animales de compañía, aves, reptiles y anfibios, mamíferos silvestres, primates, dibujo y fotografía de la naturaleza. Cada año organizamos diferentes ciclos de seminarios y cursos, que no requieren de conocimientos prévios para participar en ellos.







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Education and divulgation

The area of education and outreach of the Association Animal Latitude is an area that aims to make known nature and the living beings that inhabit it, through activities adapted to different audiences, to build a link between society and the natural environment, and to relate with our environment in a respectful and sustainable way.

Skill development

Through the project Animal Attitude, we offer tools and resources to develop necessary social and technical skills in volunteering or working in the environmental sector. In the world of research, conservation and the study of wildlife and the environment, not everything is technical knowledge. We forget that the thing that is special to a project, a team, a center, or a goal, is the people.


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International courses

For adventurous people, willing to travel, and to know all of the corners of the world, you can do it with Animal Latitude! Occasionally, collaborations with other organizations lead us to organize courses in other countries and continents of the planet. At the moment we have known fauna and biodiversity of the Patagonia Argentina, Kenya and Madagascar, as well as professionals who work in these latitudes. We keep exploring!

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Training Courses

We organize courses about different topics relating to zoology, biology, ethology, conservation and research. Our main training areas are biodiversity marina, domestic animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, primates, drawing and nature photography. Every year we organize different cycles of seminars and courses, which do not require previous knowledge in order to participate.

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